Angie & Mitch’s Wedding

May 2018 – when Angie and Mitch got hitched! The Bridal Party got ready at the modern styled Honeysuckle Executive Apartments. It was a room with a view, and what better way to shake off some pre-wedding nerves than dancing and jumping on the bed!        The gorgeous floral arrangement was done by the lovely Sara at Language of […]

Kelsea and Tim’s Hunter Valley Wedding

Kelsea and Tim’s love story started when they met on at work, and their strong values of family and commitment have carried their love through ever since. The Crowne Plaza is always a great place to get ready for your big day out at the Hunter Valley, due to it’s super convenient location and the availability for the couple and […]

Marianne and Nick’s Riverside Wedding

I could have named this blog – “How To Host an Epic Summer Wedding”, with everything from ice cream trucks to tubing down the river! Getting married in December is always tricky…and for these guys even more so as the bride’s family were travelling from the UK for the event. But Marianne and Nick shared a love of hiking and […]

Kristin and Jeff – Newcastle Wedding

“What are you doing on Christmas Eve?” “I’m going to a wedding!” I got some pretty funny responses to the idea of someone getting married on Christmas Eve, but when you’re a school teacher and you want to go on your honeymoon for a month in summer, it’s actually the perfect time! And so Kristin and Jeff got hitched at […]

What Can You Save Money on When Planning a Wedding?

I got a phone call from my newly engaged friend recently, “Help me! I don’t want to fall into all the common money traps while planning my wedding!” I quickly scheduled in coffee and came prepared with all the things I see couples spend money on that they probably didn’t need to. After sharing all my industry insider information, I […]

Amy & Ben (and a cold Spring day in the Hunter Valley)

September 2017 Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley & Peterson House Amy and Ben were my first ever Tinder wedding…they both swiped right and the rest was history. And between the time I first met them to when I saw them again for their engagement photos, they had made a beautiful baby, Brax. The Crowne Plaza is in a central location in […]

The Designated Fixer (Getting the Most Out of Your Big Day)

Everyone wants to enjoy their wedding day, there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into planning and making it happen. But at most weddings things happen that you couldn’t plan for, or that just don’t work out the way you had wanted them to. Mostly they’re small things, but these are the little details that can stress out a […]

All the Wedding Feels

At a recent wedding I got busted by a guest. It was during the reception, I was standing off to the side ready to capture the next event on the run sheet when it started. Waterworks. As soon as I heard the song that the Father of the Bride had chosen for the Daddy-Daughter dance I knew it was coming. […]

When Opposites Attract

I’m usually described as “bubbly” and “a people person” by most, even if they’ve only met me for a moment. My husband however is harder to read; he’s a hard working, high achiever who doesn’t show his mischievous sense of humour to people until he’s spent some quality time with them. We’re polar opposite in a lot of ways…I’m a […]

Guys don’t care about wedding planning though, right?

It’s a typical scene, the bride-to-be huddled over wedding magazines, surrounded by her bridesmaids, deciding on colour schemes and bouquet styles and wedding favours. I’m sure you can picture it in your head (thanks Hollywood). In fact, this is a scene you might have even found yourself in recently. It could have been over coffee with your mum or over […]

Why are you cheaper than the others?

The wedding climate has certainly taken a turn in the last decade…I remember weddings I attended 15 years ago and on reflection it’s hard to even tell which one was which…the cookie cutter wedding standard was strong back then. A white-ish dress dictated by what the boutiques carried at the time, flowers dictated by what the florist said was in […]

It’s All In The Timing

If you hadn’t picked up on it already, I’ve been to a lot of weddings. So I’ve been around through the photoshopped dinosaur chase trend, the novelty wedding dance trend, the “everyone jump at the same time” trend, the “groomsmen all pick up the bride” awkwardness trend. So I’m a fountain of wedding industry knowledge, and a lot of couples […]

Why yes, I do have a “nice camera”

When I started out studying photography I did not have a “nice camera”. In fact, I had an old point-and-shoot that I had bought shortly before I got married 9 years ago and it was as advanced as the relatively new digital technology of the time permitted, which was not very. But I remember trying to complete assignments on focal […]

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