Sarah Nash Photography

My hope is that you get a feel for my passion about what I do. With the experience and training to take quality photos, my goal is to capture you and your unique story – of love and laughter and dreams for your future together.

I do weddings because I love weddings. And handing over memories of your special day as the new “Mr & Mrs” gives me an enormous sense of happiness and job satisfaction.
(And my team find it amusing that I’ll still often tear up during the speeches…I’m a sucker for romance.)

I will give you 100%. Because that’s what I would expect, and that’s what you should get from a professional. I approach every wedding like I’m shooting it for my best friend…I’m genuinely excited to be a part of your special day.

As previously mentioned, I love weddings. And I’ve been to a lot of them. (Read: a LOT). You may not do this every weekend, but I do. So I’ll be around all day, doing my best to make it fun and special for you, and capture all those moments you’ll be too happily exhausted to remember after such a big day.

I get as much of a kick out of beautiful photos of your day as you do (seriously, my husband often asks what I’m smiling about as I edit) so I will do everything I can to give you photos that your grandma can cry over.

I’m so passionate about wedding photography that even if you don’t like my style and don’t want to hire me, please, I beg you, hire a professional. You get one chance on one (very important) day to capture those details and memories you’ve spent so long planning…don’t regret paying a pittance and getting blurry, over exposed, ugly photos that you’ll never want to look at again. I’ve heard the horror stories and disappointment when this has happened… besides your spouse it’s the thing that you keep from that day forever. Please! It’s worth it!
Pleading over.

Last, but most importantly, I have an awesome husband and 2 small children who make me crazy and busy and happy all at the same time. I work because I love what I do, but I work for myself so I can be with my kids as much as possible. It’s a whirlwind phase of life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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